Device Bondage

August 17, 2014

Girl Next Door is Bound and Tormented Like a Whore!

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Self proclaimed anal slut gets her first taste of extreme bondage at the hands of Sgt. Major. she is belted on the floor and Sarge enters to show this little slut who’s boss. After rubbing his cock on her helpless little pussy, she is hoisted into an inverted ankle suspension, where he torments this slut.

All of her weight is resting on her cunt and her head and wrists are locked down with massive stocks. Again, this slut is tormented until she can take no more, and then her willing cunt is made to cum at his will.

Now she finds herself face down and spread eagle on the floor. There is more torment before an ass hook is shoved in her tight ass. Then her cunt is filled with a dildo and fucked into oblivion.


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August 9, 2014

Hot Red Head Gets Tormented and Ass Fucked

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This is our edited Live shoot from July. Claire is a super hot red head that loves bondage. She gets paired up with Orlando, his sick mind has been working on evil shit to torment this little whore with. First, he has set a trap for Claire, where she is blindfolded, turned in circles to disorient her, then she has to back into one of three surprises.

Next she is put in a rigid device that keeps her perfectly still. Her head is covered in a latex hood and the torment continues in the form of tickling her until it becomes breath play. The floggers come out and redden her milky skin, then her cunt is filled and vibed.

In the final scene, she is on her back and spread wide. Bastinado is served up this time, along with other torment, to push Claire to the edge. She thinks that she is at the end of the line, and then Orlando crams her ass full of a dildo and fucks her into full submission.


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August 2, 2014

Newcomer Loses Her Innocence

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Sgt. Major is back and his prey for today is a young and beautiful newcomer. Willow has such a look of innocence, that he can’t help bu to put his sadistic hands all over her body. She is restrained in steel and is helpless to his evil ways. She is tormented and played with however he pleases, and she has no choice, but to take everything he dishes out.


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