Device Bondage

July 26, 2014

Dani Daniels – Closet Pain Slut

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Dani is one of those high end whores, and everyone treats her like a queen, but not us, and definitely not on Device Bondage. She is a stunning piece of meat that will suffer just like all the rest. The torment begins and she finds that there is pain that she’s never felt before and it’s excruciating. She is helpless to defend against the constant torment, yet asks for more. Every position has her immobilized, the pain reaches heights that she’s never experienced, and her orgasms are stronger than ever. Dani just needed the right sadist to put her through the paces.


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July 20, 2014

Chair of Doom

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This week we have Juliette March back to suffer at the hands of Orlando. She is on her back and spread wide and helpless her clothes are ripped from her body exposing her milky white flesh. Her body begs for torment, and it receives a hefty helping of it.

She is now bent over and locked into cold steel with her perky ass in the air and her pussy available. her nipples are clamped and her pussy assaulted with hard fucking and a menacing vibe to make her orgasm repeatedly.

Juliette is finished in the chair of doom where she again falls under the sadistic punishment of Orlando. She begs for it to stop, but that just fuels his sick mind, and makes her scream even more.


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July 12, 2014

Extreme Torment, Brutal Device Bondage, and Screaming Orgasms!!

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Masochistic, Nerine, is back and starts her day of suffering spread out on the floor like a good slut should be. She is shackled with steel to the floor and helpless. Orlando enters and starts to toy with this slut. Her body soon turns red from the intense flogging that she is made to suffer through. Her cunt is filled and the first orgasm of the day is ripped from her pussy.

Nerine is now perched up high with her slutty legs spread and her arms restrained behind her head with leather straps. This time it’s the cane that is used to make her suffer. Then comes the electrical torment, with pads on her pussy mound, and an electrified tip on the vibe that send this slut into screaming orgasms.

Nerine’s body is now stretched out in a brutal back bend. Clamps are placed all over her body and then covered in hot wax. Again her pussy is attacked and multiple orgasms are ripped from her against her will.


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July 5, 2014

Fragile Captive

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Casey is running from something, or someone, who is tracking her down. She is afraid and runs into what she thinks is a safe place. She thinks she’s alone, then out of nowhere he appears. She is taken down in a struggle, and then restrained. She is terrorized by strict devices, and evil torment. She is awakened every day by being repeatedly dunked into a cold bath before her captor begins more torturous activities. How long can this fragile captive take this before she’s had enough.


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