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July 31, 2012

Chastity Lynn – Cum Begging Cunt – Live Show Part 3

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In Part 3 of Chastity’s Live Show, her flexibility is pushed to the max in a crazy back arch. Her butt is smothered into a cube of pipe. Her ankles are shackled to the support poles in metal restraints. Her arms are pulled through the center of the cube and firmly attached with metal as well. In her mouth is a wooden bit gag wrapped in leather. Her hair is pulled back tight to prevent her from trying to sit up. The whole apparatus is on a turning basin so we can admire her from every view. Claire comes over and creates a predicament between Chastity and Audrey, the decoration model. Chastity gets clothespins cascading from her abdomen to her tits, attached to a string that is then handed to Audrey. Mz Berlin and Claire work Chastity up to incredible orgasms. Once she is right at the edge of the biggest one yet, Claire… well, you will have to watch it to find out!

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July 28, 2012

Krissie Dee Punished by Sebastian Keys on DeviceBondage!

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After overwhelming member request, Kink Live model Krissie Dee does her first ever adult bdsm shoot with DeviceBondage. To add to firsts, DeviceBondage also welcomes Sebastian Keys a tough 3 black belt sadist Dom. Sounds like a perfect storm. We start with Krissie in a back breaking standing arch where she is installed in wooden stocks around her neck, wrists, and ankles and bent backwards. Sebastian takes his time, pacing her, testing her, wearing down her thigh strength by using nasty stingy floggers. He brings her down into a kneeling position and adds ankle stocks to finish the position and continue the torment. In scene two, petite Krissie is made to submit to an extremely uncomfortable metal hogtie. Her elbows are wrapped around a metal pole and secured with metal wrist shackles and her legs are bent in such a position that pushes her nice ass out, making it perfect for an ass hook. In the final position, Krissie is bent in what Claire has titled a diamond pose. Her legs are strapped to a custom fit metal apparatus with leather. Her torso and wrists are encased in taut leather and pulled into the frame. She can barely move, think, or breathe as Sebastian works her over with skilled coporal and pleasure at his whim.

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July 25, 2012

Chastity Lynn – Cum Begging Cunt – Live Show Part 2

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Welcome back to Chastity’s Live Show. In Part 2, she is installed in a leather strap HogTie. Mz Berlin uses Chastity with her wanton verbal cruelty. Chastity is hoisted into the air. The suspension is really tough for her, and the action starts immediately. Audrey, our gimp girl, comes in and services Chastity orally at the urging of Mz Berlin. Flanking the front, Claire treats the face and tits of Chastity as they should be, used for our pleasure and enjoyment. Audrey desperately tries to please, the members, Mz Berlin, Claire, and Chastity. No pressure, bitch!

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July 21, 2012

Amber Rayne Returns to Device Bondage

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One of the toughest bondage models out there, Amber Rayne cums back for another round of challenging device bondage. First we start out with a Martin Cuff position where her legs are spread wide and neck and wrists installed in a fiddle. Amber is given a cruel predicament of clover clamps attached to the rig with rubber bands. She moves her hips up and down desperately trying to alleviate the pressure or change it somehow. All Claire does is encourages her by saying “it gets better.” Amber does not know whether to laugh or to cry. In scene two, Amber is pegged to the ground with strips of metal and her fingers are pried open, ready for torment. Claire rigs a semi elaborate zipper, ready to be unleashed at just the right moment. In the final scene, Amber is spread wide and open against hard metal poles and tight leather straps. Her torso is held up in strappado. Her cunt, warm and inviting. Claire has just the predicament for her, just wait and see.

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July 18, 2012

Chastity Lynn – Cum Begging Cunt – Live Show Part 1

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Welcome Chastity Lynn to Device Bondage. We were very excited to have her and you will soon see why. She is flexible, tough, fit, and is hot as hell. To start her show, Chastity is installed in a cruel metal restraint system that is inescapable and extremely difficult to move around in. She gets a warm up that she simply rates as a 5 on a 1-10 difficulty scale for us. Its the last 5 of the day as we definitely take that as a challenge. Decoration Audrey Rose watches from the cage as Chastity’s bondage and predicament get increasingly more severe.

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July 14, 2012

Annie Cruz – Bitch in Heat

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Its been sometime since Annie Cruz has graced the cover of DeviceBondage, but her hiatus stored up her endurance and she is ready for more. In the first scene, Annie is crammed into a tiny metal cage suspended between two posts. Her body is isolated and further confined with metal poles threaded through the cage. To discourage even more movement, she is given a nose hook, elastic toe bondage, and finger bondage. In scene two, she is stretched taut with her hands above her head. Sitting on a metal chair made just for her, the fucking machine is ready to pummel her cunt without regret. In scene three, Annie is installed in an elevated pile driver position in metal shackles and the metal curved restraint system. Clamped, vibrated, tormented, penetrated, stretched, and crammed… we test Annie in many different ways and get to see what she is made of.

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July 12, 2012

Alani Pi – Head Shaved Slut Live Show – Part 4

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The final chapter of Alani Pi’s Live Show has this slut strapped to a wood Y frame with supple leather straps and legs pried open. She is made to straddle the sybian for a wild finish… sybian always finishes sluts like Alani. Seeing her drool and wildly jerk her body in heated orgasmic response to the indifferent machine is mesmerizing. The leather head harness with clear front panel and tape underneath makes her look other worldly with her new shaved head. The mean black clothespins make her look like a cyborg. Relentless it makes her cum. Her head thrusts back beating onto the frame to somehow make the intensity of the orgasms subside. No luck Alani, you’re fucked babe.

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July 7, 2012

Lorelei Lee is Bent in Unforgiving Device Bondage

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Sweet, seductive, blonde hair and blue eyed Lorelei comes back to Device for another serving of pain and predicament bondage with a side of hard black cock in her ass.
Innocent Lorelei wearing a pretty pink dress with nails and eyeshadow to match gets crammed into metal. Bending over, her waist is secured in a pipe box and her neck is trapped parallel to her back preventing her moving up or moving her ass out of the way. Her wrists are bound above her head in thick leather cuffs strappado style that are attached to a metal frame. Her ankles are strapped in leather and spread wide too. Completely vulnerable, there is no way for her to escape having her breasts, cunt, or ass being played with. Ripe pickings.
Her torso is strapped to a leather bar crucifixion style. Her knees are elevated to the height of her arms, straight in front of her and are also strapped to metal. Her ass is precariously balanced on a miniature perch. Her mouth is pried open with a plumbing gag. She… is… fucked. To better illustrate to Lorelei exactly how helpless she is, Claire goes after her feet with cruel piano wire. Writhing in pain, its clear there is no escape. Amused, the last thing on Claire’s mind is stopping…
The ultimate in a bondage lover’s predicament arsenal – Lorelei is bent into a severe back arch and stuffed in the mouth and the pussy with cock that she cannot escape. The leather straps are angled and held taut with chain. Her back is pushed into the arch with pipe and her mouth pried open with a spider gag with no rite of refusal to the cock in her mouth… cumming, breathing, terrorized, more cumming…

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July 4, 2012

Alani Pi – Head Shaved Slut Live Show – Part 3

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This is part 3 of Alani’s live Show. In preparation for the show we attach a nose hook to her cute little face and bind her in an elevated pose with her hands stretched up behind her back. She is pretty tough but this little piggy finally squeals when the whip comes out. The view of this pose is perfect for watching this slut gets pounded over and over by a dick-on-a-stick and ass red with corporal. We know this whore wants it bad so she finally gets to cum a few times.

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