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June 30, 2012

Bella Rossi – Captured Cunt

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One of the most amazing features about Bella is her amazing large natural breasts. Plump, firm, and can take quite a lot of sensation. In scene one, Bella is bound kneeling on a platform with leather straps and her arms in a box position. The only thing keeping her on the platform is her enormous tits tied to the pole in front of her. Her pretty face is kept visible by binding her hair up. We can’t help but start to play with her, torment her, challenge her.
Scene two, cunt is bound in an elevated metal hogtie. Her wrists, elbows, neck, and ankles are all trapped inside of unforgiving metal shackles and her legs are elevated forcing the cunt’s face into the ground. Claire ups the ante and introduces cunt to the spike board. Her tits compress and bulge over the surface of the spikes… eating and chewing into them. Completely helpless to alleviate discomfort, all the cunt can do it take it.

In Scene three, we make cunt pretty. She gets installed in a shiny corset, high heels, leather posture collar and placed standing in spread eagle. Her breasts are bound up to chains that keep her arms up. If she struggles, the cunt will just repeatedly yank on her tits, much to her suffering and our enjoyment. She gets pushed to her limits of endurance for our pleasure.

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June 27, 2012

Alani Pi – Head Shaved Slut Live Show – Part 2

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With her freshly shaved head exposed, Alani gets the full hot wax treatment. We clamp the whore down on the ground in a humiliating position then drip hot wax all over her hands, feet, ass, and bald head. Coral Aorta is sitting in the cage watching the whole thing. We stick a hook up her ass so she can’t escape, and flog her till she shudders and screams. Her pussy getting banged is just icing on this depraved cake.

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June 23, 2012

Sofia Lauryn – Punished Princess – First ANAL Scene!

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Rarely do we get pillow princesses on Device, but when we do, we take full advantage. Sofia Lauryn is beautiful and she knows it. We place her in folded leather positions, metal spread eagles, uncomfortable predicament bondage. She does her best to endure her ordeals with her head high, but you can see as the shoot progresses, she begins to humble. Her concession is to offer her sweet asshole to us for the first time. Yes, thats right, she offered us her ass deflowering on camera.
We spread her nice thighs and calves wide with a metal spreader bar configuration and prop her hips up, displaying her ass even more with wood. He butt sticks out, ripe and juicy… ready for the taking. Once we’ve primed her butthole a nice thick dildo is slid into her ass. She relishes the pleasure of her newly fucked innocent hole.
Finally, exhausted, she is posed kneeling again to display her firm beautiful breasts. She is pushed, challenged, penetrated, vibrated, her body fights to endure unforgiving device. It brings us pleasure to see the pillow princess bitch suffer.

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June 20, 2012

Alani Pi – Head Shaved Slut Live Show – Part 1

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Alani Pi is no ordinary model. Her cute demeanor is disarming compared to the deep and perverted girl on the interior. For her live show, she consented and even requested a head shaving. Its very unusual to get such a request. A model makes a lot of money based off of appearance, and no hair is a very extreme thing for a hot cunt like Alani to take on.
Wasting no time, Alani is installed in metal stocks with her wrists trapped in leather cuffs and metal and her neck wrapped in metal. The stocks are deliberately a little high, making her chin pitch slightly upward and her legs splayed open by cuffs and straps. The idea is to make the process uncomfortable and already she is fidgeting nervously in her restraints.
The electric monster clippers click on in an excited whirring frenzy. She looks calm but if you study her closely, she is trembling. Barely able to make eye contact and furtive sideways glances through her long lashes, she might be reconsidering… Claire however is very committed and starts shaving only half her head so we can see the stark comparison of shaved and not from our soon to be bald Alani.
Patiently and slowly, her hair disappears and with it all ability to identify with who she previously was. Now she is just a shell… a vessel… one that we intend to fill to the brim with pain and pleasure; shaping, forming, and manipulating.

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June 16, 2012

Iona Grace Punished Wanton Slut

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Welcome Iona back to for another stellar and intense update!
Scene 1
Iona is bound with leather arm mitts across a long pole, crucifixion style and her legs together kneeling. Claire binds her breasts nice and tight and wraps her face with a mean and very strict electrical tape gag. Slowly she is stripped of her pride and dignity. Her face slapped, her flesh clamped, her legs swept out from underneath her…
Scene 2
Folded in metal, Iona is in doggy like a bitch in heat. She gets greased up and looks ripe. Painful wax gets applied to her body in a sadistic fashion. Her holes are stretched uncomfortably large. Her pain and suffering is hot and orgasms heavy, panting, writhing in oil.
Scene 3
Strapped into the straight jacket and suspended with her legs straddled wide, she is clearly on display as we get to see her cunt pummeled by the fucking machine. The gas mask is nice and tight. She gets to breathe in the smell of her pussy and try and control her reactions to the pain administered to her. There is no escape. She can’t hide from us, ever.

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June 13, 2012

Bryn Blayne gets a smack-down into submission – Live Show Part 3

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The last part of Bryn’s live show runs her through her paces. Bryn is strapped onto an H-Frame with leather belts and given a full throttle treatment of pain and pleasure. Again and again she reaches her breaking point with the cattle prod, fear play, pain, and orgasms.
At the end, Byrn is hoisted into the air and we get to see her great ass mashed between the metal and cum as her body gives in to the orgasm. Job well done Bryn. We’ll be seeing you again.

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June 9, 2012

Beretta James Completely Objectified on

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Beretta James is a special breed of determination and openness that make elaborate bondage games possible. We play with fear during her whole shoot. Wasting no time, her head, torso and legs are encased in pantyhose, then a thick layer of duct tape. Hung upside down, her breasts beg to be cut free from the nylon and ripened like fruit with mean clamps and weights attached. There is no interest in seeing her simply endure difficult bondage, we want to see a transformation of beauty and bizarre.
Second, she is installed in a spare parts metal chair made for her and zip tied to it. Simple bondage, but completely inescapable. Terrorized with intense fear play, her brow furrows and eyes moistened. How does she cum when she is so scared and excited? We get curious.
Finally, Beretta is placed into a very strenuous stock hogtie. Her body slathered in oil to show off the amazing figure she knows she has. Confident still, layers of her are peeled apart slowly as layer upon layer of pain is slowly built up. There is no hiding when a girl orgasms.

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June 6, 2012

Bryn Blayne gets a smack-down into submission – Live Show Part 2

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Bryn is bound on a wooden box in an open pile diver position. Her thighs are strapped open and cinched to the box with black hemp rope. Her wrists and ankles are bound in leather cuffs and her forearms vet wrapped. Her head is encased in two gags – a head harness and plastic gag. She is pretty fucked.
A metal tube is tied into her ass hole. Claire says this is an homage to Cyd and we begin to get curious. Being a smoker in real life, Bryn gets a taste of her own medicine with cruel cigar and ash play… and later on much larger flames. The more the bitch squirms, the happier Claire gets.

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June 2, 2012

Alani Pi Exposed and Vulnerable

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Beautiful and nubile Alani Pi is no ordinary girl. She is unique, stunning… and disconnected. The challenge was to see where we could take her by alienating her with the bondage, making her submit to metal, and see what kind of girl she really is.

Scene 1
Folded forward, she is locked into position wearing metal balls on her head and hands. With her arms in strappado and knees to chest, its simple bondage. Highly effective and highly immobile. The lack of sight and skewed sound heighten her responses to a state of panic. She tries to maintain composure, but her frailty shines through.

Scene 2
Standing, she is strapped wide open to a series of bars that cascade up her body and then finished with leather mitts and elbow bondage. To further restrict her movement an unforgiving posture collar is added and a padded pipe shoved into her cunt. We do our best to see exactly how much movement she has…

Scene 3
Tight and bendy, she is strapped into a hogtie position and pressed to her limits of pain and pleasure. She seems to excel at endurance bondage. The drool runs down her face, her eyes roll back into her head, her cum exquisite… this bitch has had her ass handed to her.

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June 1, 2012

Bryn Blayne gets a smack-down into submission

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This is the first installment of a 3 part live show in which Bryn Blayne and Alani Pi take turns getting sweet punishment while the other watches helplessly from inside a cage waiting for her turn. Poor Bryyn is given a chance to escape her fate as she writhes desperately on the ground trying to undo her bondage. Unfortunately for her, we have other devious plans in mind.

Watch as this naughty slut is smacked, punched, and teased with painful nipple clamps while Alani can only look on from her cage knowing that she might be our next victim.

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