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May 26, 2012

Coral Aorta gets caned

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In this artfully crafted shoot Coral Aorta gets put in impossible bondage predicaments while we torment her into total submission. In the first scene, a large metal cross weighs down on her bending her neck forward. Hey legs and arms are splayed out on the cross with leather straps leaving her pussy dangerously exposed. Lots of clothespins, flogging, foot caning and orgasm denial.

In the second scene Coral is punished for her unladylike whining and moaning but the ball gag doesn’t keep her quiet for long. She is on her back with her legs pushed up above her head and we watch her ass get bright red with spanking, flogging and caning. You’ve seen suction devices for nipples but have you every seen one used on a pussy? We plug up her ass, pump her pussy hard with a dick-on-a-stick, and finally let her cum. She is left there throbbing with the dick and butt-plug still in.

Finally we see her all dressed up in sinister spike heeled ballet shoes. If you are into foot torment this is the shoot for you! The contraption leaves her completely motionless except for the tips of her fingers. Her exposed ass is flogged and her nipples are clamped while her hungry pussy gets one last fuck.

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May 24, 2012


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BDSM gear fetishists everywhere will unanimously agree that building a collection of high quality equipment that is properly designed, aesthetically pleasing yet functionally useful is a process that takes many years and an inordinate amount of disposable income. Hunting down the one or two people on Earth that have the knowhow to make a custom fitting chastity belt or straitjacket is time consuming enough, let alone the agonizing 8 to 24 week waiting period to receive items from a tiny town in Europe or from an individual astisan who makes each piece by hand in his or her spare time.

Once the gear finally arrives, it is worth every penny and the long agonizing wait. The latex fits like second skin, the straitjacket is molded to the precise form of a woman, ensuring that she is utterly helpless, tightly constricted, yet able to remain in the bondage indefinitely. The chastity belt is so tight that a single finger is all that can be put under the waistband and the vaginal shield is locked in place and pressing so much against her pubic mound that it may as well be bolted in place with surgical screws. The extremely strict form of control this type of gear has on a submissive can cause her to have a mind blowing experience in a scene.

This shoot was done with all custom made to measure gear. For those individuals who are unsure what kind of difference this type of gear can make in a bondage scene, enjoy the update and perhaps you will see an item you would like to pick up for your own play. If you’d like to know the manufacturer, post on the forums and ask.

Note to Non-Gear Fetishists: Thanks in advance for the super anecdote you’re planning to post about how you built your home dungeon and all your equipment for $1.73 with supplies from Home Depot, things found in your couch and an old pasta strainer. It’s sure to be a real zinger and the insightful crafting of your comment will no doubt teach us that a true BDSM master (like yourself) needs no expensive props to securely bind and dominate a woman. In fact, you can dominate a woman with your mind, body language and voice, causing her to remain rigidly motionless and at attention with no restraints at all, ready to please you on a moments notice should you give the command or even the slightest gesture of your hand. Your go-get-em’ DIY thriftiness and sheer Dom power both humbles us and amazes us. In fact, since we already know how frugal and fantastic you are, you may as well skip the effort of posting the comment at all since it will no doubt take you away from your harem of willing submissives.

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May 19, 2012

Voluptuous Mia Lelani is pushed to the limit

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Watch as sexy Mia Lelani is pushed to the edge of her limits. In the first scene she is chained, caned, and finger banged until she begs for mercy. The unique mouth-stretcher is particularly diabolical! Her juicy tits and sensitive nipples get special attention and torment. Will she be able to handle it?

In scene two Mia’s arms and legs are curled up and contorted while her head is locked tightly in stocks. We explore the dark relationship between pleasure and pain as she is whipped and finger-fucked until she squirts.

We save the best for last with a very dramatic pose. Immobilized by leather strapping, Mia is perched on a vertical fucking machine that jack-hammers a dildo straight up her pussy from below. Her legs are spread open wide and her huge tits look lovely all bound up in leather. We bind her whole head in black bandaging so she can’t see a thing.

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May 17, 2012

Sarah Shevon Suffers – Live Show Part 3

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The scene begins with Sarah arched back and kneeling on a Sybian. Her hands are clamped behind her, and her neck is held to the beam with a metal collar. As if this weren’t enough, Sarah is wearing a skin-tight rubber face mask that makes her look like an eerie doll. We give her nostril stretchers just to make sure she can breathe.

While the Sybian vibrates the fuck out of Sarah’s swollen pussy, we apply a row of clothespins up one side of Sarah’s body and down the other. She finally earns her orgasm after the clothespins are ripped off and and we hold her down hard on the Sybian. Does she deserve more than one?

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May 12, 2012

Cherry Torn – The Girl Who Plays With Fire

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In one of the wildest and most creative Device Bondage shoots ever, Cherry Torn is put through a dark and twisted series of predicaments. In the first scene she is mounted on a platform of four stilts with her arms and legs bound in an animalistic crouch. Her Head is concealed in a tight latex mask and things take a turn for the weirder when we limit her breathing through a rubber tube. Rendered completely immobile she is caned and whipped on her pussy and feet, then fucked hard and deep with a sinister black Dick-on-a stick.

In scene two: The Girl who Plays With Fire! Using makeshift pyrotechnics Cherry is licked with orange and purple flames on her exposed pussy. Unfortunately for Cherry, her head and hands are clamped up in wooden stocks so she can do nothing but succumb to the painful delight that is known as Hitachi Orgasms.

Next we see her suspended in a spinning swing while the director pulls no punches with the corporal punishment. Cherry looks so sexy with her ball-gag in, but we can still hear her moaning as the nipple clamps are applied…..Can she take it all?

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May 10, 2012

Sarah Shevon Suffers – Live Show Part 2

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Strapped to a post with her left leg in the air and a strap in her mouth, Sarah Shevon is at the mercy (more like lack of mercy) of the members.

The scene begins with relentless cropping and double handed flogging. When we crop Sarah’s asshole and flog her pussy, Sarah goes wild with pretty little moaning sounds that get even loader when her asshole is fucked.

Next we put the most painful nipple clamps we have on Sarah Shevon’s breasts. When we’ve beaten her pussy so much that it couldn’t get more sensitive, she has finally earned her orgasm. She gets pounded with a dick on a stick and a Hitachi on her throbbing clit.

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May 5, 2012

Tomi Knox Assaults Fuck Doll Kristine Kahill With Creative Devices and Sadism

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Sweet Kristine starts precariously perched with her hands above her head in leather medical restraints and legs pried open with a wooden spreader bar. The decency of clothing is only briefly afforded. Stripped and tormented with the zappers, he works up Kristine into a frenzy incorporating the water pick and cruel predicament bondage with labial clamps weighted with a bucket of water to satiate this masochistic slut.

Kristine is bound in metal in a pile driver position with the fuck machine in her ass. Almost immediately, the fucking machine begins assaulting her asshole. Too bad she can’t cum from being rammed in the ass! Tomi doesn’t seem to mind and mercilessly torments her with the paddle and zappers, taunting her with the idea that he *could* make her cum, but instead enjoys seeing her suffer with a zipper.

Pretty girl Kristine is installed in an inverted crucifixion against the wall with metal binding her torso and leather suspension cuffs on her ankles. Flogged to a nice state of red, the clothespins return along her slender waist and Tomi gets the most cum mileage he can from this fuck doll pain slut.

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May 3, 2012

Sarah Shevon Suffers – Live Show Part 1

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Welcome to the first part of Sarah Shevon’s Live Show with decoration Bryn Blayne. We start with an interview of Sarah in metal stocks that are attached to her waist. Bryn’s head is trapped into a neck stock and gets to survey the action that is happening with Sarah.
Sarah is given 5 minutes to escape strap bondage. If she gets out on her own, she gets to cum. If she cannot escape, then she is punished for every strap and piece of clothing remaining on her…
After her challenge is over, Sarah is installed in an open legged custom metal chair made for her that can keep her both upright or bend her into a stunning back arch. Secured with leather straps, we waste no time in wanting to see her suffer. Claire is very mean to her, but the members think she can take more… can she?
Hot wax, single tail, flip cat, labial clamps, cattle prod, cunt finger and toy fucking… we are just getting started. Game on Sarah, lets see what you’ve got.

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