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April 29, 2012

Elise Graves – Harsh Treatment and Predicaments Noir Style – by The Pope!

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Elise Graves is an extreme bondage model thats happiest subjected to the harshest treatments only predicaments like Device Bondage have to offer. This update has been treated in an experimental noir visual effect style with dark moody vignettes and we hope you enjoy it.

Elise is installed in the Scavenger’s Daughter, stripped of the privilege of clothing and wears a cruel metal gag shoved deep into her mouth that when pulled up, pools the drool into her throat making her choke. The Pope utilizes this as an element of consequence if he does not get what he wants… Elise is put through her paces and we get to see how obedient she can be, or try to be.
The ultimate “drawn and quartered” predicament. The Evil Pope has placed Elise standing on incredibly uncomfortable 4″ x 4″ wooden spikes that she has to balance on or suspend like a marionette. “See that I’m enjoying this? I’m just going to keep hitting you… hearing you scream,” Pope says. He is tired of looking at her face and encases it in vet wrap. The severity of her predicament increases and we begin to wonder exactly how long can Elise last before she suspends herself?
The slut is suspended upside down by leather suspension boots. Her neck is trapped inverted in a stock and finally her head trapped in a wooden box. Her arms are bound behind with a metal pole and leather wrist cuffs and chain along her torso. One by one clothespins are attached with string underneath, creating a zipper in long lines across her rock hard abdomen. Her voice quivering, echos through the wooden box and out through her neck hole. The longer the clothespins bites into her skin, the more it hurts…

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April 26, 2012

Kristina Rose – Filthy Whore – Live Show Part 4

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Kristina gets installed into her final position for the Live Show. She is placed on her back with her legs spread and affixed to a metal spreader bar system and strapped down to the board under her back. JP starts terrorizing her with the cattle prod… scaring her… terrifying her…
Isis comes in and starts licking Kristina’s pussy. JP lets Kristina choose the way she is going to be tormented. Isis works over her ass with her hands, slowly finger fucking her, then ramping it up. Working her hand in deeper and deeper, she fists tiny Kristina’s ass hole. Kristina overwhelmed by pleasure, cums deeply.
Maestro comes in and fucks her pussy while Isis’s fist is still in Kristina’s ass. Its amazing to see. Maestro moves to her asshole and fucks it nice and hard. Isis steps in and fucks her ass while Maestro assaults her face with his cock. JP delivers the last 7 strokes that she earned at the beginning of the show on her feet with the cane and the paddle. She writhes in pain as her holes are still fucked, completely helpless.
Isis steps back and administers more pain and Maestro steps in for a final face fucking to cream all over her ravaged face hole… this filthy whore suffers for us.

April 21, 2012

Felony Bound in Cruel Latex, Metal and Leather Bondage!

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Felony is held in strappado with an unforgiving forged metal restraint system, a cruel metal bit gag, and hair bondage with leather. To add to her predicament she is made to balance in ballet boots. This bitch deserves some red to her skin. We want to see her struggle. Her clothes are ripped off and nipple clamps added. She gets a brief reprieve as a vibrator is added to make her position more tolerable. We want to see her endure the bondage. Leather straps are added to her breasts and the crop returns. She has earned a reward and a nice slippery cock on a stick is slid and trapped into her cunt with a leather strap. Adding a vibrator, we get to watch her struggle in the cruel metal as she cums.


Increasing the challenge of the bondage, Felony is encased in a latex corset, latex thigh high stockings, high heels, and latex opera length gloves. She is bound squatting with her knees pried open by leather restraints and fastened to metal poles. Her arms are spread open with leather strapping on metal too, and her head is encased with two gags. The more obvious is a clear face hugger head harness. The second, an inflatable gag expanding into her mouth, gagging her entirely. We get to see the inflation demonstrated filling her mouth hole. Then the cunt and asshole get the same inflatable treatment – stretching and expanding her clearly vulnerable holes. We get to see her continuously tormented with the inflation and stretching of all of her orifices and then her tits and cunt flogged and caned. After paying the price of pain, we get to see her explode into an incredible squirting orgasm.


Finally we get to see Felony’s flexibility challenged. She is installed in a back breaking back arch with metal and leather straps. The first thing we get to do is see this bitch suffer with skewer clamps on her tits. She clearly doesn’t enjoy it, but we want to see her struggle more. Her cunt gets flogged and its a clear challenge for her to breathe. With the continuation of cruelty she gets a no warm up anal pogo installed in her asshole. Back to pussy flogging. She needs to earn her reward like a good slut. Another dildo is added to her cunt in a beautiful display of double penetration. The vibrator returns and we get to see her cum at her most vulnerable and most challenged. She speaks in tongues and explodes in amazing orgasms in a not to be missed shoot!

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April 19, 2012

Kristina Rose – Filthy Whore – Live Show Part 3

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We open with the continuation of Kristina’s Live Show with her in the cage answering questions to the members. Cute and bubbly, she seems to have forgotten about all of her pain and suffering so far. JP gags her and installs Kristina into a pipe position with her feet in front of her and her arms behind in strappado. The gag is removed and she is required to keep her mouth open and tongue out.
With the rubber bands still on her feet from the stocks, JP gives her a nice few snaps of the band and in comes Maestro aggressively face fucking her hole. Teaching her how to suck cock his way. The drool streams all over her pussy and she begs for more cock. JP and Maestro alternate between snapping the rubber bands on her feet and Maestro making her suck cock like a champ.
JP takes the rubber bands and has her hold them in between her teeth, if she lets go, the bands snap on her feet… she fails and JP resets the predicament again and again. Maestro puts a vibrator on her cunt while JP repeats the process and we get to enjoy watching her suffer.

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April 13, 2012

Bonnie Rotten – Tamed Whore By JP

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Its difficult at first to tell whether she is excited or being bratty. She can’t help but look into the camera. She knows who her target audience is. JP quickly strips her of her clothes and hopefully of her pride. Immediately the smiles stop. JP needs to know how much pain she likes… a lot or a little. We go back and forth between rough man handling and slapping to fingering her and getting her hot. Enough games, JP heads for getting her nice and pink with the flogger. The smile is definitely gone.

Next, Bonnie is splayed out on the floor in a back arch position. Her arms are bolted to the floor in wooden stocks. Under her feet are spiked pieces of wood. Her knees are pried open with the spiky wooden spreader bar and JP begins picking her apart. Flogging her, using the flip cat, using the dragon tail while exposing all of her emotional vulnerabilities. He layers pain all over her body and coaxes intense orgasms from her. “You said you wanted this.”

Last, Bonnie is standing on the spiky board with her legs strapped together and her neck and hands in stocks. JP right away goes after her with an extremely stingy flogger. She is overwhelmed. He pushes her further. Adding nipple clamps, he starts to mind fuck her with the cattle prod. Talking to her gently, he explains how challenging it is to endure a prod… it would give away too much to tell you what happens next but it does end with long beautiful orgasms!

April 12, 2012

Kristina Rose – Filthy Whore – Live Show Part 2

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Kristina Rose starts with being in the cage sitting on the spiky floor. JP asks her to crawl out and they install her in a bifurcation wall with her legs, head, and hands on one side and her ass on the other. Her legs are bolted to the wall in metal restraints.

Isis starts to work her over with the dragon tail and then moving onto the flogger, making her ass and back nice and pink. With a tag team effort, JP takes on a flogger and Isis and JP play a vicious game of round robin. It seems like JP makes Kristina scream louder. She is overwhelmed and can’t seem to process what is happening. Her whole body quivers.
In comes a hard cock rammed into her cunt. Isis wraps her hands around her throat and face, making her struggle for breath and the sex more intense. The dragon tail comes back and JP makes Kristina beg and plead to have a cock back in her cunt while he works her over. Her pleads become desperate and we are convinced. Isis stuffs her tits in Kristina’s face and Maestro gets to work on pounding her tiny hole. Eventually she is let out and made to return to her cage, where she belongs – a wanton used up slut.

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April 7, 2012

Akira Raine – Wax Rain / Incredible Torment / Terror and Pleasure

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The first scene begins with exotic Akira affixed to a single column with pipe, arms above her head, and a nice red ball gag to match her soon to disappear bra and panties. JP wastes no time with this one. Her cunt and breasts get a vicious flogging and flip cat treatment. JP alternates each wave of strokes with a firm hand on her throat. She tries to keep up but you can hear her cries escalate. Having enough of her front, JP goes after her ass, then back to the front of her. With Akira’s hands pinned into the metal above her head, there isn’t a thing that can be done to hide her sensitive parts. Amused, JP adds nipple clamps and weights to Akira’s sensitive nipples. “Don’t you dare think about cumming,” JP warns. Her moans rhythmic and tormented by the swinging nipple clamps… we get to see her squeeze a painful orgasm from her clit.

In the next position, Akira is wearing a leather gag with a ring on the front, attached with chain to the ceiling to keep her head up. Her arms are bound with metal parallel to her body in a kind of strappado. She is straddled on a sybian with her knees spread and strapped open. JP comes in and turns on the sybian. Giving her a taste of pain, he starts to flog her ass, then adds on chop stick style nipple clamps. Her cunt is writhing over the sybian. To distract her more, JP adds clover clamps over the other nipple clamps and resumes to escalating the impact torment. Switching between the flip cat and the cane, she tries to focus on the pleasure… tries to at least.

In her final position, Akira is on the ground with her knees bent, and ankles under her ass. In her cunt a nice large dick is stuffed with a vibrator on top. Immediately JP makes quick work of a zipper extending up each side of her abdomen. With her arms above her head, she is again extended and vulnerable. JP finds another way to torment Akira. Taking a large candle and wrapping it in chicken wire, he uses a torch to instantly rain wax all over her body. After enjoying her screams for some time, JP decides now is the best time to release the zipper, slowly and painfully. Akira thinks its all over, but JP has more in store for her. He turns on the vibrator to get her pussy going and then introduces the cattle prod. In a vicious round robin of cattle prod and pleasure, we get to see Akira both turned on and terrified, climax in an incredibly hot scene!

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April 5, 2012

Kristina Rose – Filthy Whore – Live Show Part 1

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The first part of our Live Show starts with the amazing Kristina Rose on the floor with a wooden spreader bar with spiked ends bound to her knees, prying them uncomfortably open and one ankle drilled into the floor with a metal cuff. She chats with the members offering them friendly responses with a pretty girl smile.
The first challenge is the 5 minute challenge. The deal is the model has 5 minutes to escape from the bondage. If she can get free, she gets an orgasm. If she can’t get free, then she does not get to cum and gets punished. JP binds Kristina in a ball gag, wrists and elbows strapped together, thighs strapped together, and ankles strapped together. She squirms and tries as much as she can to get free. Her breathing is labored and moans are rhythmic… she doesn’t get free.

Kristina is released and gets her punishment for not being able to get out – cane strokes on the feet from JP and flip cat strokes from Isis. Tears roll down her face from fear of the cane, but she takes it like a champ and perseveres.
After she has paid the price of not being able to get free, she is asked to crawl across the stage on her hands and knees to a new device. JP straps her ankles to her thighs in leather and places her neck and wrists in to metal stocks. She looks stunning. JP has Kristina try and recite the alphabet backwards as he adds nipple clamps and ties them to her toes. She is having a hard time reciting her alphabet. They asked her to also recite nursery rhymes. She fails there too. JP increases her predicament by adding nipple clamps underneath the top row and then weights onto the clamps. JP then adds weights to her toes pulling her nipples both up and down. Finishing it off, JP adds an enormous clothespin to her tongue, weighing it down and keeping her mouth open.
JP makes Kristina beg to suck cock but she is is not very convincing. JP encourages her to talk about what a dirty whore she is, what a dirty fucking slut she is…. she begs and begs and finally gets to suck cock. Her mouth gets filled with cock. She services it and streams of drool seep from her mouth onto the floor. The giant clothespin that was on her tongue now gets clamped on her pussy. JP wants her to feel more pain and her nipples are flogged. She continues to beg to suck more cock and eventually more cock she gets. JP flogs her breasts again and into a frenzy. She becomes more overwhelmed and JP and Isis come in and remove the nipple clamps.
Its time for pleasure. Isis vibrates Kristina to orgasm as JP pinches her breasts one more time. Kristina builds to an intense orgasm, cums, sucks on more dick, cums again, and cums again!

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