Device Bondage

January 28, 2012

Bootilicious Bondage

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Yasmine returns for more bondage and orgasms. It’s been so long she has to be introduced to the pleasures of pain to earn it though.

As she drools with the red ball gag in her mouth, her cunt struggles to reach the vibrator. She is laid back chained down, legs locked open. Her ass is push to her limits with butt plugs then finger fucked into creamy orgasm.

If that wasn’t enough, she is bound in metal into doggy and the fucking machine is bolted into place. Her round juicy ass wiggles and bounces to the vibrating fucking monster machine. Whether she thinks she can cum or not, this machine will get an orgasm out of her.

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January 26, 2012

Every last orgasm will be had – a bondage crusade

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This is part 4 of 4 from the December live show.

After going through a heavy, hard day Tia barely has it in her to keep going. Just the way it was intended. There is nothing hotter than a depleted slave, exhausted and drained, who must go on. She is strapped down and fucked and vibed as Isis works her magic to rip out every last orgasm that Tia has left in her.

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January 21, 2012

Fresh innocent girl bound and made to cum

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Cute little Remy walks onto set unsuspecting of the day to come. She stands in heels keeping that ass nice and plump. her legs spread with spiked spreader. Her head and hands are locked into a wooden stock. Her perfect body flexes and curves with ever hit of the flogger. I wonder how she cums?

Head harness gag in full effect. This perky ass sticks out begging to be filled and fucked. Her arms are bound up in strapado. With plug in ass, her ass and thighs are struck with cane until she is properly stripped. The strain of the position creeps on her, but not until she is fucked and vibed and made to cum.

Ass up, pussy out, mouth held open with the metal dental gag. Lovely. She is introduced to the agonizing ways of the zipper. Her mind is scrambled as she struggles with the sensations of pain and pleasure. The result: cumming hard and squirting all over her self.

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January 19, 2012

Tiny Tia Takes Tenacious Torment

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This is part 3 of 4 from the December live show.

Tia’s tight little body is pinned up against the wall into the splits into a spread so we can get to all her sensitive body parts. Isis gets ferocious with two of her favorite whips. Tia’s flesh gets decorated with lashes while Alpha, the brutal fucking machine, is placed into her.

Tia endures the harded, fastest fucking with the most painful whippings she’s ever experienced. On top of that she is zippered from arm to crotch. She is made to take the second zipper off herself before she can cum again.

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January 15, 2012

Bountiful Orgasms with Brutal Bondage

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You saw Lyla in a live show, now see her on her own. Tough and willing are attributes admirable out of an up and coming bondage slave of your dreams.

She begins locked into the A frame with her legs and arms spread and her ass on the floor. Any movement yanks on her neck or fragile wrist and ankles. She can squirm and wiggle all she wants, it’ll cost her though. This gets put to the test when her nipples are clamped then tied off stretching her titties out. She is whipped and vibed, made to rip off the clamps at orgasm.

With her ass up, face down she is ready for a fucking of a lifetime. She is bound into position with the metal bondage pipe system with just enough movement to express the ferocious fucking she’s about to endure. Whether she wants to or not, orgasms will be brutally fucked right out of her by Alpha. Machines never tire.

Now that her pussy has been violently fucked it’s time to stimulate her clit into oblivion. What better way to do so then with an upside down sybian suspension. Some girls cum heavy and hard, other girls cum long and steady with rolling orgasms. Find out which kind of orgasms are induced when Lyla’s mind and body have been depleted.

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January 12, 2012

8 Fingers in the Ass = Anal Whore

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This is part 2 of 4 from the December live show. Tia’s ass is property of Isis Love.

Tia’s little feet get hoisted upwards revealing the pussy and ass to be destroyed. She is chained down in place, ready for Isis’ monstrous cock. Her nipples are decorated with clover clamps, shaking and tugging with every move.

Today, this asshole belongs to Isis. She wrecks Tia’s ass with her massive cock then hand fucks her with all 8 of fingers. But Isis makes use of that mouth of her sex toy and sets that pristine pussy right on her face. Orgasms a plenty.

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January 7, 2012

N00b getz PWND – first timer suffers intense bondage

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Fresh face Casey gets her delicate pussy worked over by Sarge. Her smooth body is manhandled, fondled and beat. The pussy chain hoists her onto the balls of her feet as she squirms for comfort.

Zip tied and spread, just the way a tasty little thing ought to be. Her pouty mouth is stuffed with an inflatable gag. Her pussy is still dripping wet and wanting to be fucked. Not until that nubile ass is reddened.

Her sensitive body is contorted and flexed. Pussy out, mouth open with the drool gag. Orgasms are ripped out of her one by one.

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January 5, 2012

Lactating Titties of the Prancing Petite Tia

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This is part 1 of 4 from the December live show.

Tia Ling is strapped up tight with belts. Cinched around her throat, tight around her waist, around the wrists and around the ankles. She stands pulled by her wrists with minimal movement onto the balls of her feet. Her breathing is restricted from the belt around her waist and any fussing around will tighten the straps around her throat.

If being taunted and teased by Isis Love isn’t torment enough, the bondage will break her down. Her tight body leaves no cushion for the strike of the cane and the sting of the flip nine whip. Now sweaty Tia is struggling to keep her posture when the vibrator comes out to play. I think screaming orgasms are in order.

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