Device Bondage

October 29, 2011

Double Dose – the supple silent type and the boisterous squirter

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First victim. Serena Blair is strapped onto a table. Her sensitive milky flesh is covered with clothes pins. Her ass is stuffed with a cock and she is finger fucked, made to cum.

She is frog tied onto a fuck stand. Her arms are hoisted above pulling her tight. This unsuspecting whore takes the cane and flip nine whip for her orgasm.

Second victim. Rylie Richman is mounted with her pussy dangling for attention. She is worked over heavily on her wet cunt and perky tits. She is made to gush and squirt all over the place when she is fucked and vibed nonstop.

Suspended upside down, little Rylie is caned hard with her nipples tied off to keep her in place. Using a specialized vibrator, her g-spot is constantly stimulated making squirt run down her body and all over her face.

October 23, 2011

Hot and sweaty – trials of a porn star

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Aria Aspen is shackled into a standing spread keeping her balance on her high heels. The struggles back and forth from the strain on her ankles to the rigid grip around her neck. She is blindfolded and flogged all over until her skin flushes. Her now sensitive skin is treated to the static shocks of the violet wand working her into a sweat.

The brunette sits with her arms held back and her legs spread, pussy out, mouth gagged. Her body is worked over with the cane before covering her with a zipper. With a dick and vibe lodged in her, the clips slowly turn from a slight pinch into an agonizing throb. Before this slut can cum she has to experience the variation of zipper removal.

She is mummified onto the sybian and stabilized only by her hair. The relentless machine is either a girls best friend or their worst nightmare.

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October 21, 2011

Hand, Prosthetic, Machine – There’s more than one way to fuck a slut

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With her legs spread and held into place with rigid metal, there is only one reason for this. Fuck the life out of our little bondage whore.

Isis Love wastes no time getting into Sensi, starting with her fist. She shoves her hand in her as far as she can to warm her up. Sensi can’t squirm out of this position. Her thighs and ankles keep her pussy and hips in range. Her arms are attached to the box. She can barely see what’s being done to her.

Isis dishes out a ferocious strap on fucking making Sensi scream with every thrust. Just when Sensi has had enough, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Isis whips out the fucksall to drill this worn out pussy giving Sensi the hardest, fastest fucking she has ever experienced.

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October 15, 2011

Mature Alert: Curvaceous first timer

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50 year old cougar, Magdalene, explores bondage and BDSM for the first time. The right way. All or nothing.

This big breasted soon to be bondage slut is pulled taught by her wrists. With her arms and legs bound together she has very little room to escape the floggings she is served.

On her knees, arms spread and tied off, her gag harness keeps her upright while her hips are pulled forward. Her nipples take pounds of weight, a vibe is crammed into her cunt and she learns to be grateful.

She is strapped to a y frame and blindfolded. Then she is caned from tits to toes, working her body over. Just out of breath, she is then fucked and vibed into an orgasmic fury to drain all life that is left of her.

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October 12, 2011

The Dancer – distraught and teased

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This is part 1 of 2 from the September Live show.

Sensi Pearl begins squirming around trying to escape from the straps challenge. Regardless of the result this cute little thing looks good wriggling and struggling to get free.

Back into the straps she goes. She is belted into a box tie and while standing on one leg. Her other leg is frog tied and attached to her neck and torso. She must keep her balance or strain her arms and neck at the expense of relieving her stance. She is worked over with the cane from her feet to her ass. Then vibed and teased until she begged enough.

October 8, 2011

Red Hair Fair Skin

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Marie McCray ventures back for your delight. Her fair skin marks easily and her puffy nipples get the treatment they deserve.

She is bound on the ground with metal restraints and chained to the floor. Her neck is connected to her arms in strapado. Her nipples are tied off. Any movement she makes is bound to create a tormenting result. She is fucked and vibed until it is too much.

The blindfolded redheaded slut is frogtied and spread open. She is finger fucked until she is wet before a dick and vibe is shoved into her and bolted in place. Her nipples are tied off and stretched out with weights. Her puffy nipples are pulled exposing more surface to drench with hot wax adding to the nipple torment.

Her throbbing pussy is stuffed with the fucking machine. She is fastened onto a box with legs spread open. An ass hook is planted in her tight little ass and tied to a bit gag, keeping her head up and body stressed. She takes a fucking she has never experienced before. Alpha and Omega have that effect on our bondage whores.

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